Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes 2019 Welcome Address:


“I want to thank you all for being here this evening. This evening is a solemn time in that we’re remembering those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. It is also a celebration because for the fifth year in a row, we are not adding a name to this wall.


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“I want you to think of the people that are not here with us right now, your family members. I want you to realize something: that even though we pray loudly, God answers in a whisper. So tell your loved ones you love them, tell them you miss them and listen for God’s answer.”

– Bruce D.D. Mac Rae, President of the Sheriff’s Advisory Council, 2019


“This memorial is a daily reminder that the peace and freedom we enjoy in our local communities is not free. Sadly, it comes at a terrible price paid for by men and women who wear the badge of a peace officer in Orange County….It is important that we gather to remember them, to honor them, and to let their families know we will never forget them.”

– Michelle Steele, Vice Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, 2019

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