Project 999 Fund History

The Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council established the Project 999 Fund in 1980 as a way to support the short-term needs of Orange County officers and their families who are killed or injured in the line of duty.  This project was named in honor of the police radio code for “Officer needs help – Emergency.”  Since its inception, Project 999 has generated in excess of $2 million for the purpose of assisting peace officers and their families.  Nearly 40 families from agencies throughout the County of Orange have received benefits from the Project 999 Fund.

Who qualifies to receive support from Project 999?

Any POST- certified law enforcement officer in the county of Orange who is injured in the line of duty qualifies to receive support from the fund.  In the event of a death of an officer, the immediate family including the spouse, children or parents may receive assistance from the fund.  For the purpose of definition, officer includes deputy sheriffs and patrol officers, including California Highway Patrol, as described in section 830.1 of the California Penal Code.

How does an officer, family member or their agency request assistance from the fund?

When an officer is injured in the line-of-duty, the Chief of the department where he/she is employed calls the Assistant Sheriff of Operations for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and requests support.  Once the Assistant Sheriff has received the request, he/she will contact the Executive Director of the Sheriff’s Advisory Council who will call the Project 999 committee to convene.  The Committee composition for the request for assistance will also include the Chief from the city in which the officer or their family needs assistance.

What type of assistance can officers or their family expect to receive?

Assistance for the officers or their families will be dependent upon need.  Medical costs are not normally covered, as they are generally covered by the employer.  Other costs including hotel stays, air transportation, funeral expenses, child care, modification to home for those who are disabled, debt payment and home repair are a few of the costs traditionally covered by the Project 999 Fund.  In the immediate year of death, the fallen officer’s spouse, children and parents of the fallen officer expenses will be covered for attending the National Peace Officers’ Memorial, the State of California’s Peace Officers’ Memorial and the Orange County Peace Officers’ Memorial.  Additional assistance is available for legal and financial matters related to the death of a fallen officer.

How can I donate to Project 999?


There are two ways to donate:

  1. You can donate by credit card through the donate button above “Support our efforts.”

  1. You can donate by checks made payable to Project 999 and mail them directly to:

Project 999

PO Box 241

Santa Ana, CA  92702

Project 999 is part of the Sheriff’s Advisory Council and is therefore a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Upon receipt, you will receive acknowledgement and a contribution form indicating your donation is completely tax-deductible.

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